Science, Medicine, & Technology Papers

Science, Medicine, & Technology Papers

Alchemy (physical & cultural works)
Technology: Steam
Technology: Engineering, Mechanics
Technology: Thomas A. Edison
Mechanics of Motion, Machines, Kinetics
Mechanics: 19th Century

Medical: History
Medical: Chiropractic & Osteopathic
Medical: Hospitals & Asylums
Medical: The Red Cross (& Crescent)
Medical: Medieval
Medical: Early Works
Medical: Arab World; Transmission to West
Medical: Theories of Disease: Humors
Medical: Theories of Disease: Germ
Epidemics: 1300s Black Death
Epidemics: 1665 London Plague
Epidemics: 1721 Boston Smallpox
Epidemics: 1794 Philadelphia Yellow Fever
Epidemics: 1798, 1805 NY Yellow Fever
Epidemics: 1918-20 Influenza
Disease: 1904- Panama Canal
Disease: Plague
Disease: Cholera
Disease: Diphtheria
Disease: Influenza
Disease: Leprosy
Disease: Malaria
Disease: Polio (poliomeytis)
Disease: Scarlet Fever
Disease: Smallpox
Disease: Tuberculosis
Disease: Typhoid Fever
Disease: Venereal Diseases
Disease: Venereal Diseases: Syphilis
Disease: Yellow Fever
Disease: Tropical Diseases
Immunization & Vaccination
Immunization: Opposition To
Legal Aspects (Quarantine, etc.)
Military Medicine
Veterinary Medicine
Medical Practice (19th century)
Homoeopathy (19th century)
Phrenology (19th c)
Pharmacology (19th century)
Neonatal-perinatal Medicine
Women & Health & Medicine
Birth Control (20th century)