Law: Constitution & Constitutionalism
Law: US: Constitution: Convention, &
Law: US: Constitution: Later commentary
Law: US: State Constitutions
Law: US: Other Constitutions
Law: US: State statutes & laws
Law: US: Maryland: Laws, statutues
Law: US: Legal ethics (bar rules, statutes,
        Opinions, etc.)
Law: US: Civil Liberties
Law: US: Relating to Slavery
Law: US: Fugitive slave laws, 1850
Law: US: 19th c Treaties: w/Native American
Law: US: 19th c Treaties: Foreign
        Diplomatic Relations
Law: US: Labor law
Law: US: Immigration: Legal aspects
Law: Elections (mostly US & Great Britain)
Law: Great Britain: Corn laws
Law: Great Britain: Witches, detection &
        suppression, trials

Law: Women's Suffrage & rights
Law: Women & the Law
Law: Poor laws & the Poor
Law: Philippine
Law: Copyright, patents, intellectual
Law: Regulation, regulating
Law: Anti-Trust
Law: Railroads: Regulation & govern-
        ment relations.
Law: Medical: Legal aspects (quarantine)
Law: Self-help: legal