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Titles are added to this list throughout the month, generally beginning at the start each period. We do not maintain a list of deleted volumes, caused, generally, by (1) a site that disappears; (2) URLs that have become scrambled or lost; or (3) sites that have altered their URL structures without leaving a trail for where the files have been re-posted.

Please note: If your institution maintains a digital library and you or your IT department elect to move files, please leave a page at the original URL address with instructions for the new URL address. Alternatively, if your system maintains a URL resolver, please leave the old URL address in your system with a resolution to the new URL address. If we can't find the correct page, all the other sites that link to your pages will not be able to find it either.

Bibiliographical & cataloging information: When we started DBI more than a decade ago, bibliographical information provided by sites was scant or non-existant. Over the years, it has improved, and, today, we rely more heavily on the information provided by host sites. For authority, however, we recommend you use the authority references provided by the Library of Congress and others.

Oddities & Unorthodoxies: To facilitate sorting by our databases, we have introduced a few oddities, as follows:

    1895c = c1895 (date attributed to copyright notice)
    1895ca = circa 1895 or ca. 1895 (about)
    1895 rpt. = reprint
    1596/1925 = original publication date / reprint date

Custom Pages: If any of your professors, teachers, or staff would like to develop a custom page for a particular course or seminar, please contact us at:

Editons & Formats: Where possible, we have tried to add information to identify different editions. However, in the exuberance of the early years of converting books to electronic versions, some sites seemed clueless as to the concept of varying editions and frequently failed to provide any information. In some cases, the electronic edition actually may be a compilation of several differing editions. It is beyond our capacity to identify such data. In more recent years, it has been our policy to emphasize providing access to digitized "graphic" editions (frequently identified as PDF, Graphic, etc.) since they represent a reliable facsimile of the original work. It should be noted that for students wanting to read works on a smartphone, a floating text that has been scanned or re-keyboarded is preferable. We have therefore retained both forms of electronic works.

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